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Accounting Service: Business Plan

When you start a business, you usually have a plan in your head and probably even some roughly written records of your goals, your expected risks and bottlenecks, and your proposed plan of action. But this is often not enough. In several cases like when you want to enter a fund-raising drive, when your bank requires it, or simply when you want to prepare a master document discussing the aspects of your business you would find yourself looking for a guide to prepare a well-documented business plan that can be used as a foundation stone for your business.

There are no fixed formats on how to write business plans, just as there are no fixed ways to drive a business to success. However, the structure of a business plan can be roughly appropriated to act as a ready guide while writing a business plan. The structure of an effective business plan can be like the following.

  1. Executive Summary—lays down the prime objectives of the business and tries to sketch a brief outline of the main elements of the plan
  2. Customers—discusses the nature of customers of the business and the type of customers that have to be attracted
  3. Competition—analyses the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals
  4. Suppliers—looks in to the supply part, stating where the supply comes from and analysing whether the supply is enough and whether it may dwindle
  5. Marketing—states your plan of action for winning over your customers and the resources you need for the process
  6. Human Resource—looks at the skills, strengths, and weaknesses of your staff and decides about fresh recruitments and the recruitment policy
  7.  Operations—analyses whether the present processes have sufficient bandwidth to support your plan of action and recommends changes if necessary
  8. Financial—This is a very important part of the plan and marks every little detail of your plan in estimated credit or debit figures

Business plan are instrumental in giving you a vision and a clear perception of the objectives and the ideal future path for your business. It also serves as a ready reference guide to lead you through to your goals. It is important that once you’ve prepared a business plan, you stick to it and measure your performance regularly. The financial accounting part of your business plan will help you quickly put things into perspective.

Business plans are key documents for your business and need to be written carefully. It is best to get your business plan documented by professionals, who have previous experience in writing quality business plans. We offer you professional Accounting Service and help you in documenting your business plan in a way that will be beneficial for future reference. We take care to sit with you and listen to your understanding of the business, the vision, and the mission before starting off; so that you can reach your audience with a targeted business plan prepared by specialists in the field. This way you always increase the chance of conversion.