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Accountancy Services
Accounting Services: Company accounts
company accounts
Accounting Services: Self assessment tax return
self assessment tax return
Accounting Services: VAT returns
VAT returns
Accounting Services: PAYE returns
PAYE returns
Accounting Services: Tax back
tax back
Accounting Services: HMRC Investigations & Disputes
HMRC Investigations & Disputes
Accounting Services: Accounts
Accounting Services: Company Structure
Company Structure
Accounting Services: Payroll
Accounting Services: Payroll
Accounting Service: Business Plan
Accounting Service: Business Plan
Accounting Services: Company accounting Dates
Company accounting Dates
Offshore Formation
Offshore Formation
Company Formation
Company Formation
Company Services
Company Services
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Accounting Services: Company Formation

Accounting Services: Tax Refunds & Returns

Accounting Services: VAT Registration

Accounting Services: Construction Industry Scheme

Accounting Services: Accounts Preparation

Accounting Services: Other Services


Accounting Services: Other Services

Accounting Office: We can PROVIDE accountancy or other administration services tailored to your needs.
Financial Republic is not only an expert accounting service provider. We are specialized in a variety of other administrative services as well. We have been in the accounting industry for a long time and have experience working with an extensive variety of companies irrespective of magnitude. A quick glimpse at the variety of miscellaneous services provided by us will give you an idea about our reach and expertise. We help our customers with the following services apart from accounts preparation and company formation:

  • Billing
  • Sole Proprietorships & Prepayments
  • Tax Return
  • Tax Control
  • Accrual VAT
  • Investment opportunities & Insurance
  • Loans
  • Online company registration and account filing
  • Immigration services


Accounts preparation and filing is one of the crucial parts of your business. But the abovementioned administrative services play an equally important role in making your enterprise successful. We not only help you in company registration and accounts submission. We also offer excellent tax tips and find out ways for you in which you can save yourself from paying a huge amount of money as tax. We are not only specialized in dealing with company accounts. We also help you maintain your personal accounts.

We are expert at providing you assistance in Immigration services. From Visa services to information related to emigration, everything is available with us. Our investment experts help you in making safe and secured investments. In fact there are ways in which you can save tax by making investments.

If you are seeking loans and not much aware about the formalities and agencies that could help you with it, contact us today. We are one of the leading private financing companies who can help you acquire your dream property within a matter of few days. We can also assist you with the paperwork before applying for a loan of huge amount from any of the reputed banks. Apart from this administrative services like payroll management and forms of an extensive variety related to tax filing, home loan, mortgage, insurance, VAT etc are also available with us.

Our tax settlement services are widely acclaimed as well. Settling taxes in UK with Financial Republic is a cakewalk. Remember we are not any kind of agent. Our company aims at providing comprehensive financial solutions to organizations and individuals at a competitive price. 



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