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Accounting Services: VAT Registration


No matter, whatever be he type and nature of your business but you must always remember that if the turnover of the business has been forecasted to be above £60,000, then you require a Value Added Tax (VAT) registration for sure.

If you have not the VAT registration yet then you must get it without any more delay, as otherwise penalties will be levied on you. The penalty is been calculated at the rate, 5%, 10%, or 15% respectively. This largely depends on the delay made between the registration date and the date, when HMRC has received the notification for the registration.

If you are late by 9 months then the penalty will be @ 5%. For the 9 months to 18 months slab it will be levied @ 10%. 15% is applicable for a delay over 18 months. However, there can be unwanted delays in case of postal delivery. Hence, keep the copy of the notification and remember the despatch date. On account of genuine reasons, penalty can be cancelled or mitigated completely.

In order to register for the VAT you must be aware of the required forms needed to complete the procedure. There is a VAT 1 and a VAT2 form. You can fill either of them and the hard copy of it should be sent to the office of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. There are professionals at HMRC, who will analyse the forms

It is no at all an easy task to fill out the forms for Value Added Tax. There are several fields in the for, which might seem to be ambiguous to you but if you will be following he instructions mentioned then it will not be a big hurdle.  Another area, where most of the individuals tend to make mistake is arranging for the documentation required to support the VAT registration.  Filling the form in an incorrect way or attaching the wrong documents can lead you into major trouble. Therefore, in order to escape such unwanted conditions, the best option, one must avail is to seek advice of a professional.

Here a Accounting Office, we are always at your service offering you all he assistance right from filling out the form to dealing with all the complicated aspects. We will be taking you through he instructions in between lines \ for filling out the VAT form. He questions that had been as indecipherable as Hebrew will be simple in company of our trained professionals.

In case the VAT registration has been returned by HMRC, you can take our help and our proficient agents will find out for you that why the forms has been returned and will complete it efficiently. We will also submit all the paperwork on your behalf.

So, choose us to be your VAT registration agent and ensure all the formalities done without undue delays.


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