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Accounting Services: Company Formation

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Accounting Services: Company Formation

Company formation is the foundation of starting a new Business in the UK. Company formation is required to give credibility to the operations of your business entity especially if it involves offshore functionalities. Following the proper process of company formation develop commitment value and sets stage for easier terms for credit. Company formation also offers asset shelter and protection of personal value.  Moreover when you decide to form a new company, you get a safety cover on personal riches if there is any negligence on the part of the employees. If you are keen to start a new company, then shirk off all your worries because Financial Republic is here to help you with company formation.

Most of us are aware of the fact that there are several tempting benefits of company formation but the elaborate process of registration seem terrifying to many. Though Company formation includes an extensive variety of legal procedures and documentation but it secures the position of your business and makes it more reliable. It’s a time consuming affair and plenty of businessmen avoids this procedure to save time. Now even you can savour the benefits of company formation with our help. We are aware of the technicalities and documentation required in company formation and helps you at every stage to fulfil them successfully. With us company registration is a cakewalk and not a tedious process. No need to endure the tortuous form- filling sessions, because we have experts who do everything for your convenience.

The following are a necessity for a successful company formation process:

  • Articles of Association which chalks out the functioning style of a particular company
  • The Memorandum that delineates the purpose of the company’s existence.
  • List of Directors
  • List of Shareholders
  • A qualified company secretary who is either an accountant or a lawyer
  • The Registered office address
  • The proper fees

The process of company formation is not much acceptable to many because it takes a very long time.  The process is tiring and delays are very natural. But you can avoid the cumbersome technicalities related to company formation in UK by availing our services. We register your company with the Companies House at an extremely affordable rate and sae you both time and money.

Financial Republic follows effective, simple and efficient methods in getting your company registered with the Companies House. We provide you with the facility to choose a company name of your choice and a comprehensive package of documents containing Memorandum, First Minutes, Certificate of Incorporation, Combined Register, Share Certificates and the Registered Company address. 
Therefore, if you are planning Company Formation in UK then Financial Republic is the best option.


Accounting Services: Tax Refunds & Returns

We provide quick and convenient tax service in the United Kingdom to ensure that you are able to file your tax returns on time and that you get the tax refunds you’re entitled to. It is a startling truth that every third citizen in the UK is entitled to a tax refund. What’s more? It has been estimated that millions of pounds goes to the UK Revenue Department as overpaid tax every year.

A little caution can save you a lot of money every year in taxes. PAYE (Pay As You Earn) workers in the UK have their tax deducted from their salaries by their employers every month. If you’re a PAYE worker you may be entitled for a UK tax refund under a few circumstances. It is important that you are aware of these situations when you can claim tax refunds.

  • When you don’t work for a whole tax year
  • When you have worked in more than one companies at a time
  • When you joined a new job and paid emergency tax
  • When you have children
  • When you changed your employment status; like if you became self-employed
  • When there is a gap between two employment periods

For people who are self-employed filing a tax return often becomes complicated. In fact it has been noticed that many self-employed people make the similar mistakes every year ending up losing their time and money. We provide specialised tax services for self employed people to ensure that their tax affairs run smoothly. We take care to prepare your self-assessment every year and ensure that you claim all your work related expenses like:

  • Business Mileage Tax Rebates and Motoring Refunds
  • Rent on Business Property
  • Uniform / Work wear Tax Rebates
  • Claim Fees & Office Expenses
  • Tools / Mechanics Rebates
  • Work related insurance
  • Expenses Tax Refunds

We also provide tax services for construction workers. For all construction workers / contractors who earned under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) we ensure their CIS tax refunds and also help them with their work-related expenses claims, like:

  • Uniform or work wear refund claim
  • Tools rebates
  • Mileage rebates
  • Repair and Maintenance Costs
  • Work-related insurance

Considering that the Average CIS tax refunds in the UK are as high as £1453.00, you should consider getting professional tax service for yourself. Construction workers fall under both the categories and are either PAYE or Self-Employed. If you’re self employed you have to necessarily file your self assessment every year, else if you’re PAYE there is still tax return to be filed and work expenses to be claimed. We provide you with comprehensive and customized solutions for your tax affairs and rescue you from the trouble of going through all the legal hassles.


Accounting Services: VAT Registration

No matter, whatever be he type and nature of your business but you must always remember that if the turnover of the business has been forecasted to be above £60,000, then you require a Value Added Tax (VAT) registration for sure.

If you have not the VAT registration yet then you must get it without any more delay, as otherwise penalties will be levied on you. The penalty is been calculated at the rate, 5%, 10%, or 15% respectively. This largely depends on the delay made between the registration date and the date, when HMRC has received the notification for the registration.

If you are late by 9 months then the penalty will be @ 5%. For the 9 months to 18 months slab it will be levied @ 10%. 15% is applicable for a delay over 18 months. However, there can be unwanted delays in case of postal delivery. Hence, keep the copy of the notification and remember the despatch date. On account of genuine reasons, penalty can be cancelled or mitigated completely.

In order to register for the VAT you must be aware of the required forms needed to complete the procedure. There is a VAT 1 and a VAT2 form. You can fill either of them and the hard copy of it should be sent to the office of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. There are professionals at HMRC, who will analyse the forms

It is no at all an easy task to fill out the forms for Value Added Tax. There are several fields in the for, which might seem to be ambiguous to you but if you will be following he instructions mentioned then it will not be a big hurdle.  Another area, where most of the individuals tend to make mistake is arranging for the documentation required to support the VAT registration.  Filling the form in an incorrect way or attaching the wrong documents can lead you into major trouble. Therefore, in order to escape such unwanted conditions, the best option, one must avail is to seek advice of a professional.

Here a Accounting Office, we are always at your service offering you all he assistance right from filling out the form to dealing with all the complicated aspects. We will be taking you through he instructions in between lines \ for filling out the VAT form. He questions that had been as indecipherable as Hebrew will be simple in company of our trained professionals.

In case the VAT registration has been returned by HMRC, you can take our help and our proficient agents will find out for you that why the forms has been returned and will complete it efficiently. We will also submit all the paperwork on your behalf.

So, choose us to be your VAT registration agent and ensure all the formalities done without undue delays.



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