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Fast Track Barclays Business Bank Account

Barclays is indeed the perfect solution to all your banking needs. It can be any service; you must be looking forward to a bank to provide to you. The range comprise a debit card, telephonic and online banking free, check book and a cluster of several other value added banking service s at anytime and from anywhere. Barclays offers you all and even something more. Owing to the reliability and the efficiency level of Barclays, we always recommend our business clients to select the opportunity to avail the fast track Barclays Bank Account and gain a pleasant banking experience. It will be free of cost and will help them to set up the bank account more quickly and easily than ever before.

The Fast Track Business Banking Service by Barclays is available to all our clients and not just to the ones, who have ordered for the most expensive packages.

The services offered by us, include the following,

  • A local Business Manager will always be there to assist you in all your activities and guide you through the different banking procedures and will make you successful in achieving all your business objectives.
  • A local banking team will be at your service 24*7 and will never give you the chance to feel disappointed about the daily banking functions and even during urgencies.
  • You will be enjoying free banking services for three years.
  • The chosen tools to help you in maintenance of certain business aspects will also be an easily achievable element. You will very well be able to take over the control on the debts unpaid, the cash flow, and even the grievances pertaining to the business and the staff.
  • Availing the option of paying through the credit card and various other facilities, such as, selecting the right kind of loan for you in the competitive market are some of the esteemed benefits offered to you. Apart from that availing, the savings and commercial mortgages and even international and financial planning are some of the advantages, which will take your business to greater heights.
  • In spite of that, you can even enjoy the incomparable rewards of availing the great learning experience in the business skills training programs. You can attend the various business workshops and seminars free of cost. This will surly help you in promoting your business through proper marketing approach, providing adequate service to the customers, employ the staff and indulge in online trade.


Application for Fast Track bank account:

  • The moment you are complete with the application form, we will forward your contact details to the Barclays.
  • You will receive a call from the Barclays Business Manager for fixing an appointment for opening the new account. You are likely to get the call within 48 hours of submission of the application form.



  • We have strong relationship with the Barclays and this ensures that you will get first class banking services. The process will be fast and integrated for sure.
  • You will be receiving updates about the work progress at regular intervals. In case, a query is bugging you feel free to contact us anytime.



Barclays offers all services that a bank should. Be it a debit card, Check book, online and telephone banking and even free and other banking services. You will also find that they offer more than just the basic services and therefore we recommend Barclays to all our new business clients.

The basic services for simple group clients are as follows:

  • Your Barclays Local Business Manager will help you reach your goals
  • You have a local banking team available to assist you 24\7 for day to day and urgent banking needs
  • Two years free banking
  • A number of tools to help you control your cash flow, unpaid debts and even maintain staff and business grievances.
  •  Business skills training, Free business seminars and workshops to  help you promote & market your business, provide services to customers, trade online and employ staff
  • Provides credit cards payment facilities and offers competitive loans, savings and commercial mortgages, international and financial planning.

Barclays offers value for new businesses and this is the reason why Barclays opens a new account every working minute. Owing to the effectiveness and reliability, we recommend Barclays to all our clients.

All the company formation packages that we offer includes a Barclays Business Bank account application. In case you do not wish to avail this package then you can simply remove this from your shopping basket.

Fast Track bank account application:

    • Once you have completed your application form, we will forward your contact details to Barclays.
    • Within 48 hours of submitting your application form, Barclays Business Manager will call you and arrange an appointment to open your new account.
    • In order to ensure that you receive a first class service, we work closely with Barclays, and make this process as fast and integrated as possible. 
    • Throughout the process we will keep ourselves updated about your account progress, so in case of any questions, you can feel free to contact us.

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