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UK Limited Company Formation
Company registration - formation: UK Limited Company Formation
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Ready Made Companies
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Company registration - formation: Ready Made Companies
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Ready Made Companies

The term ready-made company, Shelf Company or aged companies are those companies that do not carry any activity. It basically means that the companies were created and left with no activity and therefore metaphorically is put on “shelf”.

There are reasons why bidders buy a shelf company and they are as follows:

  • Helps save time and money and saves the effort of going through the whole process of creating a new corporation.
  • Gives opportunity to bid for contracts. The jurisdiction requires a company to be in business for a certain length of time in order to gain this ability.
  • This creates a favorable impression of longevity, which helps boost investor and customer confidence.
  • Helps build investment capital


Ready made companies are set up and therefore you can easily get them transferred to your name. The process of getting a ready made company transferred is simple; just fill in the name of the company and follow our quick and simple transfer process. For the benefits of our customer, we update our site by adding new companies with their respective dates of incorporation.

Also, if you think that the names of the company are not in accordance with your requirement then you can put in additional £40 plus VAT to get the name changed.






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