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Reserve a Company Name

In case you wish to protect the name of your company or want to create a Non-Trading or Dormant Company then you can avail our service regarding the same.

Our ‘Reserve a company name service’ is designed for customers who want to prevent their company name which is being used by anyone else or are looking for a name to be reserved for future. 

In case you are planning to venture out on a new business in the future and wish to protect the name of the company you chose then you can make use of our reserve a company service. Further, if you are concerned about the name that you are trading under and wish to protect it as sole trader, then Companies Made Simple can help register the name for you as a limited company.

The incorporation of the company will be under our registered office address in EC1 and CMS will act as the director, secretary and shareholder.  The annual fee in order to keep the company name to yourself is £49.99. The reserve a company name service includes nominee services, registered office service and the filing of the annual return and dormant accounts.

You cannot make any changes to the company name that we are holding for you. However, in case you wish to make your purchase then and decide to trade then we can help you by transferring the company to your control for a fee of £24.99. Moreover, in case you decide not to keep the company then you can simply inform us and we would close it down.

Important Notice:

Please note that if you allow your registration to expire or do not pay the annual maintenance fee by the due date each year you will loose the rights to the company name. Reminders will be sent out once a week for 3 weeks prior to expiry.

Package Price: £19.99
Annual Maintenance: £49.99
Transfer Cost: £24.99


Reserve a Company Name     

We have designed our reserve a company name service for specific customers who wish to protect their company name to be used by anyone or are looking to reserve a name for their use.  This service includes our registered office and nominee service. 


                                           Company Maintenance Subscription                                                  

We charge annual fees for offer company maintenance subscription service to customers. We offer all nominee Services, Registered Office service and the filing of the Annual Return and Dormant Accounts as a part of Company Maintenance Subscription. 

Company Transfer Fee

The company transfer service is applicable in case you wish to transfer your reserved company to your administration. Note that all maintenance fees needs to be paid up in case you wish the transfer to proceed.









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