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Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing is issued to business entities which are either registered by a government agency such as Companies House and have maintained a good record of filing all appropriate paperwork with them. In order to get a certificate of good standing, companies should continue paying all their renewal and charter fees. If a business entity maintains this good practise with the Companies House then it may obtain a Certificate of standing certificate.
In case you wish to open a bank account then the bank might require you to submit a certificate of good understanding issued by the Companies House. Moreover, if you are planning to register your corporation or limited liability entity in a different country then you would have to present a copy of the certificate issued from the home jurisdiction.     

Certificate of Good Standing (Normal Service)


Our Normal Service takes 5-10 days time in order to get the Confirmation of the company’s status from the Companies House. 

Certificate of Good Standing (Express Service)


The Express service takes nearly 24 hrs to get the confirmation of the company's status from the Companies House. 




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