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Companies Act 2006 - New Articles

Remaining sections of the Companies Act 2006 to be implemented from October 1st 2009

After 1st October 2009, all companies will be formed with the new articles. Existing companies are also recommended to adopt them.

Reasons for adopting the new articles:

  • Your company articles will reflect the current law
  • You will be able to avail new laws that do not apply automatically to your company
  • You will be able to avoid uncertainties and confusions regarding your articles
  • You will be able to take advantage of modernising provisions that are offered by the new articles
  • By adopting the new articles, you will be able to prevent your company form appearing out of date


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will you receive?

  • New model articles
  • Board minutes
  • Written resolution of members
  • Special resolution
  • Sample documents to help you
  • Clear step by step instructions


Detailed documentation have been published by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, which relate to the following points related to the new model articles:

  • What a company should do with its articles
  • Essential things that private companies should know about the model Articles of Associations

Important: you automatically sign up to the terms and conditions of the new articles of association by purchasing this product.

New 2006 Articles of Association


Purchase the new model Articles of Association that have been updated for the Companies Act 2006.
IMPORTANT: This product is only available to those companies that have been formed before October 1st 2009.

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