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Company Name Change

A company name change goes through a legal process wherein a company wishes to adopt a new name, different from its present registered name.

For instance, if a company wishes to change its name from R. Henry Limited to Richard Henry Limited. A company does not require a name change in case it decides to change the company formation status. For example, changing from a public company to a private limited company would not be considered as a company name change.

The change in formation status is called re-registration and therefore should not be confused with a company name change. Moreover, if the name change does not go into effect if the company changes its legal status i.e. from a public limited to a private limited organization. The company under such a circumstance would require including the registered name on its documents, websites and signs at premises.

Company Name Change (Normal Service)


The Company Name Change Normal Service includes checking availability of name, company’s house fee, certificate of change, special resolution, filing documents. Normal services require a period of 5-10 days to come through the Companies House.

Company Name Change (Express Service)


Our Company Name Change Express service includes checking name availability, Companies House Fee, certificate of change of name, special resolution, filing documents.
Note – Express service would take 24 hours, provided we receive the documents on time. 

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