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Reserve a Company

The Reserve a Company Service is for customers who have already purchased this service and are looking forward to renew their package or transfer the company to their administration. In case you want to reserve the company registration name then you should consider clicking the product company page.

Mentioned below are a few renewal products for the existing customers to choose from:

Important Notice:

Please note that if you allow your registration to expire or do not pay the annual maintenance fee by the due date each year you will loose the rights to the company name. Reminders will be sent out once a week for 3 weeks prior to expiry.

Company Maintenance Subscription


We offer Company Maintenance Subscription and charge you annual fees regarding the same. This services includes all Nominee Services, Registered Office service and the filing of the Annual Return  and Dormant Accounts each year.  


Company Transfer Fee


The Company Transfer Fee is applicable in case you wish to transfer your Reserved Company over to your administration. Kindly note that all the maintenance fees need to be paid up in order for the transfer to proceed


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