Financial Republic was established in 2002.

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The company employees specialists in accounting and tax services with high qualifications, including ACCA.

  1. The head accountant has a licence of registered auditor - his tax returns are treated by Inland Revenue as those involving the smallest risk.
  2. The companies for which we have done tax returns have never failed a tax audit/inspection. We guarantee covering all the fines if these are imposed because of us.
  3. So far the company has passed all Inland Revenue inspections/audits.
  4. We fluently speak the following languages: Polish, English, Russian, German and Italian.

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The company consists of deparments.

1. Insurance and loan department
it has an FSA licence to offer financial products: insurance and mortgage loans
2. Financial advice department
it deals with company registration, offshore company registration, tax optimalisation for medium and large companies.
3. Social security department
it deals with optimalisation of social security contributions in Europe.
4. Accounting department
it offers accounting-related services.

Company details: no.: 06939750 | name: FINANCIAL REPUBLIC (UK) LTD no.: 06375167 | name: EWA MANNO ACCOUNTING SERVICES LTD

see: Case details for Financial Republic - Trade Mark nr. 2517705


Ewa TychoniukEwa Tychoniuk


	Marcin MaciaszekKatarzyna Rosinska

Accounting Department

Anna KiedaAnna Kieda


Andrzej Kadzik Andrzej Kadzik


Ewelina WierzbickaEwelina Wierzbicka



Ewelina WierzbickaAnia Szumusik



Ewelina WierzbickaIlona Mistak



Magdalena Podgorska Rohit





Magdalena Podgorska Sanjay Aggarwal



Magdalena Podgorska Shyam Sundar



Magdalena Podgorska Rodney Lucindo



Magdalena Podgorska Arvind Palghadmal



Magdalena Podgorska James Paul Abogado



Magdalena Podgorska Rica Gil



IBB Department

Tomek ZalUrszula Smolinska

Grzegorz BudzynDorota Owczarczyk

Legal Department

Tomek ZalPaula Zdanowicz

Department of Insurance

Tomek ZalKatarzyna Bajrami

Tomek ZalHelena gorniak


	Marcin MaciaszekPiotr Gromko


	Marcin MaciaszekMarta Pawlus


Marek TychoniukMarek Tychoniuk

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nr. 06375167   |   nazwa: EWA MANNO ACCOUNTING SERVICES LTD
see: Case details for Financial Republic - Trade Mark nr. 2517705