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Company Formation.
Company Formation Package
UK Limited Company Formation
Private Company Limited by Shares
Private Company Limited by Guaranten
Public Limited Company Formation
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Flat Management Company
Ready Made Companies
Reserve a Company Name
Wholesale Company Formation
Fast Track Barclays Business Bank Account
Company Services
Offshore Company
UK Limited Company Formation FAQ
Accountancy Services
Renewal Fees
Company accounts
Apostilled Documents
British Virgin Islands Offshore
Self assessment tax return
Assistance Service
Offshore Banking
VAT returns
Certificate of Good Standing
PAYE returns
Company Name Change
Tax back
Company Tax Registration
HMRC Investigations & Disputes
General Company Products
General Company Services
Company Structure
Nominee Services
Company accounting Dates
Registered Office
Director's Service Address
Reserve a Company
Share Services
Supplementary Company Documents
Companies Act 2006 - New Articles
Non Standard Payment
What are UK Limited Companies?
What is an LLP?
Why would I set up a company Limited by Guarantee?
Can I set up a company Limited by Guarantee on your website?
What is the Certificate of Incorporation and why is it needed?
Are all names acceptable for Companies?
Does my company name need to end with Limited or LTD?
How long does a company formation take?
When I set my company up with you is the Companies House fee included in the price?
Will I have to sign any forms in the presence of solicitors while registering my company with you?
What details do I need to form a limited company
After I have made the payment for my company formation, how do I appoint my director/secretary/subscribers?
Can a Director also be appointed as a Subscriber (shareholder)?
Can the Director also be appointed as a Company Secretary?
Can the Director be another company?
Can anyone be a company director?
Do I have to be resident in the UK to form a company and/or be a director?
What is a company registered office?
Does the Registered Office address need to be in the United Kingdom? And can the address be a residential address?
Do you offer a registered office service?
Does the trading address needs to be the same as the registered office address?
What are authorised shares?
What is a subscriber?
Can I upload my own Articles of Association?
What if the Registrar does not accept my submission?
What is a Service Address?
Will I receive electronic copies of my documents?
Does the company name have to be shown on all documents and where else should it be displayed?
What is fast track banking?
Can I change my company registered office?
How do I change my company name?
How do I distribute more company shares?
Can I change my company details online?
What if I no longer need my company?
How do we obtain our Company Seal?
What is a certificate of good standing?
What are company year end dates?
Can an ARD be changed?
Where can I obtain information about taxation?
Will my company be registered for Value Added Tax?
Wholesale Company Formation
Can you help me in other ways?
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Company Registration Name - Company Guidance
Incorporation and Names
Annual Requirements
Annual Requirements Driven Filings
Strike off, Dissolution & Restoration
Company Registration Name: Registrar's Rules and Powers
Company Registration Name: Restricting The Disclosure Of Your Address
Limited Liability Partnerships : Limited Liability Partnership Incorporation and Names
Limited Liability Partnerships : Life of a Limited Liability Partnership
Limited Liability Partnerships : Limited Liability Partnership Strike off, Dissolution & Restoration
Limited Liability Partnerships : Limited Liability Partnership Late Filing Penalties
Limited Liability Partnerships : Limited Liability Partnerships Liquidation and Insolvency
Limited Liability Partnerships : Limited Liability Partnerships Liquidation and Insolvency
Company registration, Other Legislation : Limited Partnership Act
Company registration, Other Legislation : Newspaper Libel and Registration Act
Company registration, Other Legislation : European Economic Interest Groupings
Company registration, Other Legislation : Conducting Business in Welsh
Company registration, Other Legislation : Cross Border Mergers
Company Registration Name: Late Filing Penalties
Limited Liability Partnerships
Limited Liability Partnerships
Company registration, Other Legislation : The European Company Societas Europaea (SE)

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